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History & Lifestyle

Located along Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy, the Annapolis Valley reaches from Digby to Windsor and holds some of the best soils and climatic conditions in eastern Canada. The region is recognized as the 3rd most important fruit growing area in Canada and is noted for its high tides, orchards and vineyards.

Whether you are coming for a vacation, or moving here, the Annapolis Valley has a lot to offer. Combine great shopping and a strong technical infrastructure to help communicate globally, with the rural/agricultural setting and our great people; you will find a well-balanced region that makes living and working here a pleasure.

Towns & Villages

Within the Annapolis Valley, there are unique towns, villages, and boroughs  that are each unique and cater to different lifestyles. Whether you want to explore local shops or relax next to the ocean, the Annapolis Valley has a place for you. For more information about each of the towns located within the Annapolis Valley, visit our communities page.


Buying a Home in the Annapolis Valley

The Annapolis Valley is filled with both historic, and new properties to help meet your lifestyle and budget. The Annapolis Valley Real Estate Group can help you find the perfect home for you and your family in the town of your choice. We can provide you with in-depth property details of each home you view, point out desirable features you may not notice and identify potential concerns you may have overlooked.

As your REALTOR®, we are by your side every step of the way. When you find a home you want, we’ll prepare and present the offer, and negotiate skillfully on your behalf, so you get that property at the lowest price possible.

Below you’ll find some of our most recent property listing sin the Annapolis Valley. Visit our featured listings page for more!


Annapolis Valley Real Estate

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