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History & Lifestyle

The first settler arrived in present day Berwick, Nova Scotia in 1810. The people that arrived in the ensuing years were primarily Loyalists and many of their descendants still live in the area today. The town of Berwick was formerly known as Pleasant Valley, Currey’s Corner and Davison’s Corner. In the 1850 it was formally changed to berwick.

Berwick flourished as the agricultural industry grew in Nova Scotia and its achievements can largely be attributed to the Berwick Fruit Company. in 1923 the company opened the largest and most modern fruit packing warehouse in the Maritimes. This led to Berwick becoming a centre of agriculture based industry in Nova Scotia. While the industry has slowed as the economy become more centralized, Berwick still houses many agriculture based firms and the industry is on an upward trend. Berwick has been noted as one of the fastest-growing towns in Nova Scotia.

In addition to various industrial agricultural ventures in the area, small businesses are also a key part of the towns agriculture sector and farm to table cooking is becomes your new normal. Besides agriculture based employment, there is a large tire manufacturing facility as well as a Canadian Forces base in the area.

The people of Berwick like to spend time their time outside. Enjoying the plethora of hiking and biking trails,  wineries,  and the incredible weather and scenery. If you move to Berwick, Nova Scotia you can as well!


Local Amenities

As a fast growing town, Berwick is filled with  things to do and places to see. With new cafe’s, boutique shops, wineries, and craft breweries – not to mention the amazing scenery and outdoor adventures available to you after moving to Berwick.

Here are some of the local amenities Berwick has to offer:

  • Restaurants – Within Berwick, you’ll find amazing amazing restaurants serving up local food such as Kellock’s Restaurant and the Union Street. Grab some Schnitzels at the Harbourville Schnitzel Haus, or some fresh brews and snacks at the Bad Apple Brewhouse. You’ll also find family diners, fast-food establishments,  and everything in-between.
  • Farmers’ Markets – When you move here experience the abundance of Berwick’s agricultural products and the people who grow them.  Berwick has three farmers markets and a local meat market either in town or a very short distance outside.
  • Shops – Berwick is home to all the amenities you’d expect from a larger town as well as a large selection of unique local shops and boutiques.
  • Schools – The Berwick & District School is located in town and ranges from pre-primary to grade 9 students. There are also 2 elementary schools in neighbouring towns as well as 2 high schools within a short distance of Berwick. If you move to Berwick you child will have great access to education.
  • Recreation and Active Living – The town of Berwick offers many opportunities for fitness and recreation for adults and children of all fitness levels and ages.  Besides the amazing parks and hiking trails, Berwick offers a modern hockey rink & facility, a new fitness center, tennis courts, and an 18-hole golf course just outside of town.
  • Zoo – Oaklawn Farm offers a traditional family farm-like experience, along with a mix of exotic animal species – boasting the the largest display of big cats and primates in Eastern Canada.
  • Transportation – You can find Berwick, Nova Scotia just off Highway 101, only 90 minutes from Halifax and is accessible by Kings Transit.


Buying a Home in Berwick, Nova Scotia

Berwick, Nova Scotia, is filled with both historic and new properties to help meet your lifestyle and budget. Apple Valley Acres, the newest premier subdivision in the Annapolis Valley, is located in Berwick as well. The Annapolis Valley Real Estate Group can help you find the perfect home for you and your family in Berwick or the town of your choice in the Annapolis Valley. We can provide you with in-depth property details on Berwick Real Estate, point out desirable features you may not notice and identify potential concerns you may have overlooked.

As your REALTOR®, we are by your side every step of the way. When you find a home you want, we’ll prepare and present the offer, and negotiate skillfully on your behalf, so you get that property at the lowest price possible.

Below you’ll find some of our most recent properties for sale in Berwick. Visit our featured listings page for more!

Berwick Real Estate

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