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History & Lifestyle

The community of Canning, Nova Scotia has a rich history dating back to the 1800’s. During the Acadian expulsion the area currently known as Canning was settled by Acadians in 1755. Originally named Apple Tree landing, and then Habitant Corner, the present name was adopted to honour the British Prime Minister George Canning. The area was also settles by the New England planters and then a large dutch settlement came following World War II. Canning has a statue dedicated to a famous Canadian casualty of the Second Boer War, Harold Lothrop Borden, a son of Sir Frederick Borden (famous Canadian politician who made his home in Canning) He died in the Battle of Witpoort.

The community of Canning Nova Scotia was formally a major ship building centre and was a railway hub for local farmers and merchants. A train ran from Canning to Kentville, Nova Scotia from 1889 to 1961. Agriculture still plays an important role in Canning’s economy.

Canning is located on Bay of Fundy and offers breathtaking views of the valley floor from the North Mountain look-off.  This community offers all the benefits of a small town while only being a short commute to commercial amenities. The people of Canning like to enjoy the public beaches and plethora of parks and outdoor recreation opportunities.

Local Amenities

The community of Canning offers many local amenities for those who live there as well as attractions for visitors and residents alike. Wether you are seeking a beach-side ice cream parlour, handcrafted gifts, or a snow-shoeing adventure, Canning can accommodate your lifestyle needs.

Here are some of the local amenities Canning has to offer:

  • Restaurants – Within Canning, you’ll find amazing amazing restaurants and eateries serving up local food such as Crystany’s Brasserie, which is a gluten-free restaurant, or Bessie North House which is a 12-seat authentic farm-to-table dining experience. The ArtCan is a local Cafe and Art gallery ran by local artist Ron Hayes – you can grab a coffee and enjoy the local art or get in on the action by attending an art class.  If you need something quick the Village Meat Market offers take-out deli delicacies, or drop by the local pizza shop for a slice before heading to the beach.
  • Shops – The community of Canning is home to many unique shops and boutiques. Some of our favourites include Petit Patrie Chocolate, which is a home-made chocolate shop. As mentioned above, the Village Meat Market is an award winning butchery that offers fresh and cured meats.  Lee’s Shop offers amazing handmade jewellery and gifts.  Saltwood Designs creates handcrafted woodworking products such as cutting boards and custom furniture. There is also a local Home hardware so you won’t have to leave town to pick up items you need for your new home.
  • Schools – The community of Canning is home to Glooscap Elementary School, with a student population of over 200, and Northeast Kings Education Centre, which is a middle school and high school mix with a student population of over 900 students. The Northeast Kings Education Centre is the first AP Capstone school in Nova Scotia.
  • Recreation and Active Living – Canning offers residents and visitors many opportunities for fitness and recreation for both children and adults of all fitness levels. Besides the amazing parks and hiking trails (You need to check out the Cape Split trail only minutes away form Canning!), Canning has a fitness centre, many soccer and football fields, as well as a hockey rink conveniently located near both schools. Our favourite activity is to take the boat out at high tide and fish for our supper!
  • Kingsport Beach – If you want to live in a community within the Annapolis Valley that has quick beach access, moving to Canning might be the perfect option. Kingsport Beach is enjoyed by people of all ages and is the perfect place to spend time with family and friends.  During low tide the mud flats are a wide open recreation space, and as the tide comes in they heat up the water which produces perfect swimming conditions during high tide.

Buying a Home in Canning, Nova Scotia

Wether you are looking for your first family home or looking to retire in a vibrant community, Canning has both historic and modern properties to help meet your lifestyle and budget.  The Annapolis Valley Real Estate Group can help you find the perfect home for you and your family in Canning, or the town of your choice in the Annapolis Valley. We can provide you with in-depth property details on Canning Real Estate, point out desirable features you may not notice, and identify potential concerns you may have overlooked.

As your REALTOR®, we are by your side every step of the way. When you find a home you want, we’ll prepare and present the offer, and negotiate skilfully on your behalf, so you get that property at the lowest price possible.

Below you’ll find some of our most recent properties for sale in Canning. Visit our featured listings page for more!

Canning, Nova Scotia Real Estate

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